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* TEEN – MISS – MS – MRS *

Created by Entertainmentfirst to help Teens and Young Women fulfill their Dreams. We have such a wonderful support team from our winner’s circle and prize sponsors to help nurture all the young ladies involved in our pageant. Along the way we teach the basic etiquettes of pageantry and to help each of those interested in competing to blossom and grow in their own life with a wonderful boost to their self esteem by experiencing a fun pageant in Las Vegas.

“The Miss Las Vegas Classic” is a Natural Beauty Pageant for females ages 12- 39yrs.
We want to see each contestant’s True Beauty, from the inside out, we want their personality to shine through. A Beauty Pageant is a place for young ladies to have fun, meet new people and to learn poise, manners, and class to use throughout their lives and into their careers.

Pageant life is fun for all ages, whether you are a first timer or regularly attend pageants, as a contestant you can also WIN multiple Awards including Miss Runway Model, Miss Congeniality & MISS PHOTOGENIC Awards.

4 Divisional Titles will be Awarded with Sash, Crown and Prize Package.
(Runners-up 2nd & 1st – will also be awarded Sashes and Prizes.)
With additional side Awards for Miss Congeniality, Miss Runway Model and Miss Photogenic for each age group upon registration. Awarded with Certificate, Sash and Gift.

Our pageant is a natural non-contractual pageant with 4 sections;

  1. Opening Outfit for this year is BLACK tank top & WHITE pants/shorts or skirt with Q&A
    (you will be asked two simple questions on stage)
  2. Casual wear (bring your fashion style to our pageant)
  3. Swim wear
  4. Formal wear 

Every time a contestant enters a pageant and is in the spotlight, their self-expression, presentation and self-confidence is enhanced.
These qualities will help prepare you for a future as a leader and we encourage each contestant to be friendly, honest, a good sport and remain true to themselves.

A Beauty Pageant is a learning experience and being a fair player is important in life.
Remember, it’s not if you win or lose – it’s enjoying the journey that makes it memorable.

Space is limited in each pageant, so make sure to register early to reserve a spot for you or your child. We look forward to meeting all contestants and parents.

Please do not hesitate to contact Kimberley Knight with any questions or concerns.
Entertainmentfirst – Las Vegas Office Phone#: 702-227-8502

Age Divisions


“Miss Teen” LVC: 12-17yrs
Miss” LVC: 18 – 27yrs
“Ms” LVC: 28- 39yrs
“Mrs” LVC: 21 – 39yrs


If you are interested in entering national pageants and still haven’t done so then the Miss Las Vegas Classic Beauty Pageant is a great way to get started.
We are a Natural non-contractual Pageant that has 4 age divisions for females 12-39yrs (and at a 3rd of the price it will cost you to get registered in a National Pageant) you will learn the basics of pageantry, have a great time, get on stage to see if pageants are something you want to invest in and if you Win we do not hold you to a 1 year contract as do all national pageants, not holding you to a contract makes it easier for you to continue to pursue your goals and or your career.
(Remember – the more prestigious the pageant, the more expensive the pageant is).
So before you waste thousands of dollars trying in a national pageant JOIN US INSTEAD.
We at the Miss Las Vegas Classic Beauty Pageant pride ourselves in training correct techniques in catwalk modeling, public speaking and appearance.
We have surrounded ourselves with Professionals in the entertainment business that can help you succeed.



I would like to personally thank you, Kimberley and Ron, for having me as one of your contestants for the Miss Las Vegas Classic. I hope to continue with you guys in the future.
If it wasn’t for this experience I wouldn’t be able to come out of my comfort zone and be more confident in myself. Again, thank you!

With kindness,
Maria-Maybelyn Cantos

Maria-Maybelyn Cantos

Maria-Maybelyn Cantos

Ron & Kimberley,

Diana and I benefited so much from the experience. It was our first time through this incredible process. We learned so much. Diana is a growing and developing young lady, and as a single parent events and educational opportunities such as that which you both are providing is so important for developing young people.
Thank you so very much for nurturing my baby girl (Diana) as she is my pride and joy.
Love you both,
Patrick & Diana Fleming

P.S. See you next year…

Patrick Fleming

Patrick Fleming

I want to give a huge thank you to Kimberley & Ron Knight (Entertainmentfirst) for giving me this opportunity! Without your guys help I would have never stepped foot in that pageant. Thank you for believing in me, I’m so thankful words cannot express. Winner – ‎2016 Miss Las Vegas Classic
Kaila Coleman

Kaila Coleman

Kaila Coleman